How long do you pray before GIVING UP?

With the light from cracked door in my bedroom, I crawled out of bed and onto my knees.  I could hear the television and the chatter of my parents in my front room.  I folded my hands and bowed my head and started praying.  Among thankfulness for my family and requests to keep us healthy, I prayed God would send me another sibling.


I was the oldest of two and my brother and I had so many great times of play, that I wanted more children from Heaven to experience our family and fun.


This wasn’t the only time I had this prayer request.  From as young as I remember, I prayed another brother or a sister.  Sometimes, my eyes would fill with tears in continuing to pray knowing that it hadn’t been answered yet.  As a child, I didn’t know what God’s timing was and that sometimes prayers went unanswered.

A video of my birthday party shows me blowing out all of the candles and making a wish.  That wish was of course, for a baby brother or sister.

Shortly after my 11th birthday, my parents bought a new house.  While packing boxes, my mom and I were sitting in the living room going through baby clothes.  I remember making a comment about how it would be great for another brother or sister.  With a sigh, my mom said, “I need to tell you something”.

She would go onto tell me about how months after my brother was born, she became pregnant, however the baby wasn’t growing where it was supposed to (in the abdomen) and she was very sick because of this.  The baby didn’t make it and she was told that she wouldn’t be able to have any more children.

I remembered feeling like the wind was taken out of me.  I was sad for myself and for my parents who wanted more children.  I spoke to God and I still included in my nightly prayers the prayer for more siblings.  It was out of habit, but also I secretly hoped that God would show me His power of healing my mom.

After a little over a year in our new house, my mom, in disbelief, found out she was going to have a baby!!  I was overjoyed, my prayers had been answered!  Two years later, my parents had yet another baby.

I have been blessed with three amazing brothers!


Have you been praying for something unanswered for a long time?  Have you wanted to give up?  Have your prayers been answered after a long time?  Please leave your comments below.



  • Sharon Fisher-England

    Thanks for sharing this, I needed to read it. <3

    • Joelle Marie

      I am so glad that it reached you Sharon! God Bless!