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Do you have Faith?

One of the cornerstone’s of PatienceFaithReward is FAITH.  By definition, Faith is believing in something that there is no proof, complete trust.  The following article by Faithful in Christ highlights what it means to have…


Living together before Marriage…Right or Wrong?

With the constant media display of couples who are living together prior to marriage (cohabitation), it seems that it is more and more common for couples to do this.  In fact, the number of couples…

10 Super Manly Man Gift Ideas

Can’t figure out what to get the man in your life? The manliest of men will love these unique gifts this holiday season. Check them out below! 1.  Beard Pack-$35   2.  Whiskey Stones-$29.95 3….

10 AWESOME Practical Gift Ideas!

Instead of giving the gift that will never be used, get something practical this year! I personally use these products in my daily life and love them! 1.  Balm Shot lip balm Super cute shotgun…