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5 Day Devotional

Have you embraced the journey God has for you?  Do you ever get frustrated waiting on God to answer your prayers?  Are you at a place in life that is not what you planned?  Everyone has been in these situations from one time or another.

This 5 Day Devotional takes you through my journey as a young adult, career woman, wife, and mother.  I share how I have embraced God’s journey for me even if it was not what or when I planned.

Over the course of 5 Days you will receive an Email from Me including:

  • An personal excerpt from my life’s story
  • A brief devotion with a verse that supports it
  • And a prayer specific to that day’s subject.

This 5 Day Devotional is FREE!  All you need to do is sign up below and you will receive your first email!  I invite you to go on this journey with me…Let’s Go!  (Oh and if you would like to do your friends a HUGE favor, please share this awesome treasure with them so that they too can experience the power of embracing God’s journey)

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Dear Joelle,

I loved your 5 day devotions.  I felt I could relate to every passage and easily apply it to my own life.  Sometimes it is nice to hear of other ways young women like myself, survive this very hectic life we all have.  Thank you for your uplifting reads!!

Sara T


Dear Joelle,

I want you to know that I definitely enjoyed your devotional!  I can’t tell you how impressed I was that you were able to make it so personal.  To me, that made it so relatable and made me search even more within myself for examples in my own life.   This introspection tugged at my heart, for sure.

I have to admit that I also enjoyed the brevity of the devotionals.  And although they were shorter in length (which I assume is likely appealing to most :-)), they were deep.  I looked forward to them daily knowing that I could fit them in anywhere in my day and have a few moments of some great reflection.   

Keep up the great work!  Keep making a positive difference!  Lead on!!

God Bless,



  • Sandy

    Hi Joelle, Thank you for wonderful words of wisdom. I just read the article on the Unveiled Wife. I so needed to put your words on my heart and mind. God Bless You.

    • http://www.patiencefaithreward.com Joelle Marie

      Thank you Sandy!

  • Blez

    HI Joelle! I saw your article on FB on “My husband doesn’t tell me he loves me”…Super like it! Men in nature aren’t as vocal as women and sometimes, we wives, really look for that “showy” affection…and when we don’t hear it, it’s human nature to question and doubt the love…the relationship…but thanks to your inspiring words and you gave us a different perspective in looking at things…indeed, marriage is a commitment between you, your husband and God…and no one should break that pact..

    • http://www.patiencefaithreward.com Joelle Marie

      Thank you for the kind words!