Truth: I’m Fat and Love Myself


I’M FAT AND HATE MYSELF!!  This is what I could tell myself when looking in the mirror each day.  The truth is, I am overweight, but instead of beating myself up, I choose to love myself.  This doesn’t mean I have given up on working on living a healthier life style.  It just means that my self image will not be dictated by such physical attributes.


“God Created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”  Genesis 1:27


God created man, male and female, in His own image.  What an awesome reality this is.  There I am in the first chapter of the Bible, a woman, distinguished from animals and from my male counterpart.  I was created literally in the image of God.  God as offered his greatest self-revelation through the creation of both man and woman.  When we think of the most perfect man and woman, we capture a hint of who God really is.  With this, we start to develop the image of ourselves.

Unfortunately, when creating the image of ourselves, we tend to separate it from the image we have of God.  The reason, in many cases, is that we possess a poor self image.  We start to analyze our physical flaws or how we haven’t achieved this or that.  How can our self image be so low if we properly contemplate the image of God in which we were created?

I find that my own self image is the lowest when I fail to reflect the image of God.  Such things as awards, promotions, bonuses, and new clothes do help with self esteem, however this is short lived and separate from my self image.

I find that my self image is the healthiest when I have selflessly reached out to someone in need and given without the intent of a reward.  When I immerse myself in God’s ways and Love, I feel that my self image begins to shine through and truly reflects God’s image as intended.

How is your self image?  Leave comments below.